SENTRY Monitoring Platform.

SENTRY Monitoring PlatformThe SENTRY Monitoring Platform is a mobile site monitoring system that provides video and sensor monitoring at remote locations and work sites. Customers can monitor on-site equipment (including generators, tanks and flow lines), site activities, environmental and process conditions. All monitoring can be done in real-time and is accessible anywhere, via our secure hosted SCADA platform. The SENTRY Monitoring Platform is easy to deploy and built to withstand the most rugged conditions, in the most remote locations and is self-powered to ensure 24/7 operations for extended periods of time.

Easy Web Access

SENTRY Monitoring Platform - Easy Web AccessFull access to live video, sensor feeds, and process data is available live on the secure InSpatial hosted web site. Users have immediate access, via laptop or handheld devices, to work site conditions and job progress. The fleet dashboard allows users to monitor multiple work sites simultaneously and receive notifications when conditions on any work site require their attention.

Both the InSpatial hosted and customer hosted solutions provide enterprise grade security and reliability. On-demand scalability and flexibility are sure to meet the ever growing demands of customers of all sizes.

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