GPS Tracker.


The InSpatial GPS Tracker System is designed to track and monitor high value assets and personnel. The Inspatial GPS Tracking System is ideal for tracking assets across the country or across the world. Our system allows users to know where their personnel and equipment are at all times via our web or mobile sites. Our tracking modules are low-cost, simple to install and are designed to withstand harsh field conditions. The modules also allow users to monitor when equipment is in operation and how it is performing by utilizing a built-in accelerometer and/or the optional hardware inputs.

Our GPS Tracker System provides a convenient and cost effective way to track personnel and assets.

GPS Tracker System Equipment Support

The InSpatial tracking modules are configured specifically to match each type of equipment being monitored. Configurations are optimized to conserve both data usage and power consumption, while providing critical location and sensor data.

Supported equipment includes:

  • Service and Equipment Vehicles
  • Equipment Trailers
  • Skip-Mounted Equipment
  • Generators (gas pressure, engine temperature)
  • Light Plants (on/off, low fuel switch)


Mobile and Web Access

The InSpatial GPS Tracker System’s web and mobile sites provide user with quick and convenient access to their fleets. Users have instant access to current and historical equipment and personnel location and sensor data.


  • Scheduled Reports
  • Geo-fencing
  • SMS and Email Alerts
  • Points of Interest
  • Historical Tracking


Flexible Hardware

InSpatial’s GPS Tracker System supports a variety of hardware options to fit most applications. Options include:

  • Rugged outdoor modules
  • Reserve power packs
  • Analog and digital I/O and signal conditioning
  • Serial and Ethernet ports for SCADA equipment


Specifications – Base Unit