The Challenge: Monitoring Remote Locations.

The stifling hot deserts of Saudi Arabia. The vast plains of Texas. The peaks and valleys of the Canadian Rockies. A platform at sea in the Gulf of Mexico. Keeping wells in operation and avoid costly downtime knows no boundaries. Several companies provide well monitoring, but most utilize the same cellphone technology that you are using with your mobile phone. This ever expanding grid has yet to conquer the mountains and deserts of the world where you find these resources leaving your ability to receive real-time data about the performance of your well sites compromised, unless you utilize InSpatial’s true worldwide solution!

InSpatial utilizes satellite technology to monitor thousands of wells worldwide, 24/7 and without disruptions due to harsh climates or rough terrain. InSpatial’s PULSAR® Satellite RTU is a modem with onboard intelligence that polls equipment in real-time to monitor, control starts, stops and set point adjustments via InSpatial’s secure web portal.

InSpatial manufactures products that monitor all phases of the production life cycle of a well. Whether they are deployed on-site during pre-production, while a well is down for service or to monitor equipment in active, producing wells, our products seamlessly track operations in real-time using our Hosted SCADA Platform; a secure, cloud-based control center. InSpatial products have been adopted by some of the world’s largest oil and gas producers, OEM’s, service providers and National Oil Companies (NOCs) to accurately monitor multi-site well and pump operations globally. If you are looking to monitor and control your remote well operations, contact InSpatial to discuss just how easy and efficient it can be!

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