We love solving the “can’t be done” problems.

Using the latest technologies, we develop innovative industrial solutions for the global oil and gas industry.


InSpatial manufactures products that monitor all phases of a well’s production life cycle.  Our customers can seamlessly track pump operations in real-time through our Hosted SCADA Platform; a secure, cloud-based control center.  Our products can be deployed on-site during pre-production, while equipment is down for service, or on a producing well


Using worldwide 3G/4G cellular or InSpatial’s own low-cost satellite based solution at the controller, our customers have full access to well conditions and production information from any Internet connected device. Our products have been adopted by some of the world’s largest oil and gas producers, OEM’s, service providers and National Oil Companies (NOCs) to accurately monitor multi-site well and pump operations globally.


From the Middle East, South America and throughout North America, InSpatial is designing and implementing the most advanced satellite/wireless oil well and pump monitoring systems, covering thousands of well-sites around the world.

Remote Monitoring

A comprehensive artificial lift monitoring system provides remote, real-time monitoring of active oil and gas well sites through InSpatial’s Hosted SCADA Platform.

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Hosted SCADA Platform

Save time, money and resources by relying on InSpatial’s cloud-based, Hosted SCADA Platform, which allows centralized monitoring and reporting of all oil and gas well sites and other remote locations.

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PULSAR Satellite RTU

Our PULSAR Satellite RTU optimizes remote monitoring by transmitting real time data through InSpatial’s Hosted SCADA Platform.

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SENTRY Monitoring Platform

Integrating InSpatial’s advances in oil and gas monitoring, our rugged trailer-based SENTRY Monitoring Platforms transmit real time video and performance data to ensure safety and security at work sites.

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